Monday, May 4, 2009

Special Powers ....?

Do babies have special powers? I swear that Stephen was born with ESP. Let me explain .... it seems that he knows when I am just sitting down to eat, he knows when I am just laying my head on pillow, and every time he "knows" I am doing these things he decides that it's time to cry. I have not quite decided if he does this because he wants to make his presence known or if he is preparing me for his demands later in life, but either way, he uses his "powers" to accomplish his goal. Also, I am convinced that he knows how to talk to animals. We definitely have a possible Dr. Dolittle on our hands because no matter what stuffed animal is in his presence, lion, cow, chicken, duck, ect., he will carry on an intense conversation with them. Who knows what the conversation is about, but it is awfully cute to watch and listen to.

Stephen is such a sweet little boy, and if my premonition about his "special powers" sounds like complaining, I am not meaning to complain. He is a great baby, and is easily entertained. If you have not had the pleasure to meet him yet, I hope that you get to soon.

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  1. Precious Family. Glad you are so happy. Just wait until 3-4 months rolls around...PRECIOUS!